Pick Me Up - 7

Hello my beautiful lil rays of sunshine!

I've had this post written for a few days, so I guess it's time to post. I just want to let you all know that I appreicate the feedback I've been given about my blog since my post 'Update'. 
It's given me so much more motivation and more confidence to answer comments (once I'm able to be on my laptop whoops). So thank you, behind the screen is simply a petrifed social anxiety filled girl, it really boosts me.

So I think my quote for this week, is incredibly accurate.

I have grown up surrounded by people who constantly congratulate me on achievements etc, however when I became ill that changed. Obviously I am still motivated/congratulated, but for different things. I think this is important as I don't often get 'credit' for facing the world like I do everyday. I feel as if this quote can literally go out to anyone who's a bit "I've been trying my hardest for a while now, has ANYONE noticed this?!". I wish there was an adjective.

Whilst doing my ALevels, the only person who gave me credit for my (impossibly) hard work, was sometimes family members. I was missing all my lessons, my teachers had no idea that I was working my arse off behind the scenes. When I received my good grades in August, they were astonished. They didn't even think I would pass.

Never stop achieving your best because you think no ones noticing your hard work.

My lil funny spot this week, is this hilarious vine. Something that my own boyfriend has been guilty of doing to me. I can feel the fustration of the iPhone addicts. 

And last, but not least, I've left this week's cheery music til last, because it is simply worth savouring.
This is an original song written by Summer Bain and Emily Middlemas (right to left).
Now I am not one to search original toonz on YouTube, but I happened to stumble across these two on Instagram (stalkin' sesh) a week ago.
It is not my normal sort of thing, but it is juicy and very pleasing to the ear. I'm no music pro, but their voices compliment each other so well.

Emily Middlemas (15 y/o), is in fact on this years XFactor. Her audition was shown last Sunday, and I believe she maybe past bootcamp, but then again, I maybe wrong. I do think that we will be hearing a lot from Miss Middlemas over the next year, so do look out for her. (@EmilyMiddlemas_)

I do have a soft spot for them both, as like me, they are both Scottish so..

All the best of health and love my lovelies,

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