Warwick Adventure - Paul Weller Concert



must write blog post
must write blog po
must write blog
must write blo
must write bl
must write b
must writ
must wri
must wr
must w
must procrastinate 

So I think that accurately sums up my attitude towards blogging in the last week.
I mean it's not actually because I don't want to blog, it's purely because;
a) too little time to
b) too poorly
or the most common answer being, 
c) I cba to exert any extra energy (or spoons).
Which is sad really, I had really found myself in the swing of blogging yet became demotivated. I also wrote this whole post and my phone deleted it, safe to say I was pissed off. Anyone else experience that pain?

I think it's just the thought of writing a huge post like I do in my rest time puts me off. Equally sad, because I've always been an avid writer since I was a little girl.
I don't want it to lose it's fun and let my illness destroy another thing I love.
Golly blogging when you're chronically ill isn't as easy as it seems, is it?
Ah the iternal conflict. 

Anyway, on a lighter note. A recent adventure I've been on is a bit different this week.
I recently, a week and a bit ago, attend an outdoor concert in Warwick. 
My father is friends with many people who organise concerts etc, so I often get offered last minute guest list tickets. I was told on the Thursday and it was on the Friday, ahh!

The main act was a singer called Paul Weller, who doesn't usually play gigs anymore. Some of you may know him from the band The Jam. A FANTASTIC band which I adore.
I went along purely for one song, only one was played from The Jam. (I was gutted)
With many years of practise attending outdoor festivals etc with an illness, the fact it was outside was the least of my worries. Oh no, it was not that which was my worry.
To be honest, that bolded sentence was fine until I heard the word "Warwick".
I live 3+ hours away from Warwick. This was to be my hurdle.
I struggle with long car journeys when poorly, and on the day of the concert, boy I was incredibly poorly.
My IBS was quite frankly, being a bitch.
I just find sitting/lying still for long periods of time tends to worsen my pain as I'm unable to distract myself or 'shake it off'. Especially leg pain, leg pains also a bitch.

ANYWAY (I say anyway an awful lot) we arrived at beautiful Warwick at about 5 after travelling for 3 hours hours. I intended to post a vlog that we recorded in the car, however my camera betrayed me and is currently half dead. Perhaps at some point I shall.

Here is Warwick Castle in all it's glory.

The last time I ventured there was to meet Olly Murs in 2011 as a wee 15 year old. Here's my BFF *please note that that was sarcastic* and I in foetus form hangin' with my bruh O.
yes those are Take That sunglasses.

I find it literally one of the prettiest places in the Midlands, I do enjoy strolling through it's pretty streets.
The peacocks around the castle are my favourite. Maybe one day I'll own a farm of peacocks. Poppy's Peacocks. Nah? ok.

Much sky such pretty wow tree

I love outside gigs at Warwick SO beautiful.
so concert wow loud very sing
There was a lot of waiting around so we took selfies 

We were literally only there for one song and it took all night to get to, Thank god for alcohol lmfao.


We then ventured home 

We then ventured 30 minutes north of home for a McDonalds.
Our priorities.

After that, at like 1am, we then left Birmingham and went home. We arrived home at 3am, of course I was asleep the whole entire way. 
Thanks to Harry (the taxi) for driving 6 hours, ily.

Check out more of the Jam:

I hope you love them as much as I do if you don't already know who they are.

I've done so much recently that I'm forgetting that I'm poorly, it's quite a relief, but also hard to keep up with blog posts.
Thank you for reading about this little adventure my sunshines, I do hope you're all well!
Ive really missed blogging lordy.

There'll be a post from me soon I promise!

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