Snappin' Sunday - My week in pictures (11th-17th Aug '14)

Hello boys and girls!

As much as I love writing about my adventures, I get up to so many it's incredibly hard to find the time to write about them all. I've just come back from Reading Festival (post to come) and I've had this post half done for almost a week, a little slow at this. (Also very bad at replying to comments as I'm unsure of how to do that on my phone?!?) I thought making a post mainly of pictures from adventures weekly would make so much more sense. It's not really a typical week of my life however it shows how upbeat and spontaneous it can sometimes be.

So here we go! My attempt at the much loved weekly round up. Monday-Sunday, 11th-17th August.


Although insomnia has kicked my poorly but this last week I still managed to find the health to get out of the house by 4. Quite an achievement you may say, whoops.

My sisters, mother and boyfriend and I took a trip to IKEA. My boyfriend and I, in a seperate car however explored Southampton's outside shops a bit slower than them (I was a bit slow) and finally met in IKEA.

IKEA is definelty one of my many loves.

Like don't we all wish our bed was like that? Imagine how great spoonie life would be.

Asymetrical white/cobalt skirt: Lavish Alice.

As much as I loved exploring, my feet were killing me so we decided to feast on their much loved meatballs. A regular portion seemed like an XL and immediately put me in pain. How stupid of me to enjoy one of my favourite foods with my favourite people tut tut. 
I enjoyed myself so much and found such pretty storage to put in my now spotless room. I must also note that this was the first time I had been out with my family without some walking aid on standby, an achievement!
Look how beautiful the sunset was whilst eating in the restaurant over looking the docks.

After this, my boyfriend and I ventured to the cinema to see Inbetweener's 2 equipt with peach schanpps and too many snacks. We had to see a later showing due to my IBS flaring but it was cool because they had an amazing free Planes 2 game. I make one hell of a skilled plane, in case you want to know.

Inbetweener's 2 is brilliant, however I felt that it seemed that not a lot of thought was put into the storyline. There are a lot parts where you're like ".. wait what I thought so and so were still together" and "what happened to this person?".
I also didn't find it as funny as their series or past film. There's also a part where they create a negative connotation of IBS for the general public, and it's actually quite embarrassing. They conceive IBS to be something far from what it actually is and use it for comedic affect, which is all very well, but I personally did not enjoy that. Has anyone else seen it and noticed that part? I'd seriously loved to know.

I then fell asleep on the way home at about 11:30pm and ended up staying round Harry's.


Tuesday, I arose, with barely any medication. We sped home to get me some and later on I managed to have a proper gym session! My first in probably about 6 months+ (I normally swim which I find easier for my body)

(Exercise machine)

I am SO happy with what I achieved. 

Although I'm paying for it still, as I write this it's a week later, it was worth it. I love testing my limits with this illness to see what I can achieve despite what everyone/my body says. Cross-trainers are fabulous for those with chronic pain.

I then spent all afternoon and evening playing Minecraft at Harry's whilst he was at work. My latest addiction. I am Queen of my kingdom, all bow down to me.

I then somehow managed to pull myself together, look pretty and walk into town to meet my beautiful friend, Steph, for drinks. A very classy bar which reminds me of those in New York. Peach Bellinis are a dream!

A very eventful day for a spoonie.



And a dentist appointment - with possible wisdom teeth removal, ouchyyy!!!!!

Graze's Salsi Fresca and Nature's Immunity Nuts with a tea with almond milk. Almond milk is a god send, no sugar is needed as it makes it so sweet!

Followed by a hospital appointment, I've been put on steroids and antibiotics; regardless I still drank a lot on results day. Don't tell the doc.

A nice visit from some family friends and a late birthday present cheered me right up.


Finally the dreaded results day came around.
A2 students were meant to collect theirs at 8am, however I didn't turn up until 12pm. I refuse to put myself in pain for some measly results!

I did not receive what I was hoping for. Don't get me wrong, I past very well and received incredible grades for someone who missed 3/4 of 2 years of school. 90% of my time doing alevels was me at home, independent learning and teaching myself. I taught myself everything, like I did for IGCSE's. I wasn't in school enough for teachers actually teach me. The thing with alevels is that you can't teach yourself, it's designed so that you have to be in certain lessons. Because of this, something I taught myself at GCSE and got an A* in, then taught myself just as much at Alevel and only got a D. In all fairness that's Ethics and Philosophy, which is a mind killer and impossible in everyway. I got a C in another subject, so I'm cool with that.  

I think what depressed me was that I didn't reach my full potential because of these illnesses. I know I'm intelligent enough to do very well and it's frustrating to be put down and limited like this. I had NO consideration for my exams, apart from rest breaks, and that needs to change.
I had a massage to take my mind off my mental breakdown and have a chat with my massuse aka my therapist.
She has a beautiful working area.

To put into perspective how difficult ALevels were this year.

A last minute outing to down, I originally didn't want to go. But that changed when I heard that it was a foam party...
I walked and waited a lot, I was surrounded by too many people. My anxiety was at an all time high and I probably seemed so rude and dismissive but I'm proud that I fought through it. I didn't let Harry leave my side once however.
 I was so terrified of the social situation, the people from school and those who were merely strangers.
It'll take a long time until I can manage groups of people again, but for now I shall stick to no more than a couple. That's bareable.


We visited my family in Reading on Friday and it was so much fun I love seeing my family. So laid back I feel comfortable without make up!

Harry and I spent all day watching American Horror Story. Something I definitely recommend watching (with someone). Do not fret, once you get past the 5 episode you'll no longer find it scary.

We watched it in the car on the way to Reading, once in Reading, at the café in Reading... You get the picture. Addicted. We watched all 12 episodes of S1 in about 4 days.

Pretty café chandelier. 

Beautiful garden centre adventures for wellies!


Here are some stunning pictures that my auntie showed me from her Australia holiday:



Mumma's breakfast in bed 10/10.

I highly recommend these teacakes.

I found this quote helpful on Saturday as I was feeling particularly down on my rest day.


My little sister's 10th birthday! Happy Birthday my princess.
Unfortunately I was too poorly to spend the morning with her however I loved my family's afternoon adventures!


Arcade fun with the family made me so content. Pro at the dance game!

Aren't I just so lucky to call this home like wow.
So beautiful.
Sometimes I love this town. Fun on the rides!

Beach selfie!

Walks through the park. It was to windy to go on the ballon!
But it was still so pretty.
I take a lot of selfies don't I? (well technically my little sister was in this one but I don't like putting them online so) If I feel good, I'm going to take a selfie to remind myself of better times, it's a thing.

I really hope you enjoyed the inside into a week of my summer, hopefully I'll do another one soon. They're so fun and I take pictures constantly anyway! Might as well record them.
Apologies for no Pick Me Up this week - was preparing for Reading. I am also off to Heathrow on my own tomorrow to go to Scotland, help! My poor body is on overload.

More posts coming soon I promise, as I keep saying and I guess this post shows, I am quite a busy bee!

Thank you for reading sunshines!

 All the best of health,

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