Hump Day - 5 - Or 'Pick Me Up'??

if you listen carefully
you can hear the sound of me neglecting my blog

So it's Hump Day. 
Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday! (Yes I'm posting this like 10 minutes into Thursday)
I regret unfortunately being too busy to write one last week, I had some brilliant things planned.

I'm debating whether to change this to 'Pick Me Up', I feel it makes more sense but I'm unsure. I'd love your thoughts.

Okay so, let's start with my quote of the week. Let's get your noggin stimulated and out of that mid-week trance.

And it's not from my little book of knowledge this week!
 In fact this is a post on Tumblr I came across and fell deeply in love with. I think this can pretty much relate to anyone and everyone. You can apply this fantastic philosophy to a partner or even a friend. This is why I love it. It makes you question if the people you have in your life are really doing any good in a light way. You should be able to open up completely to the closest people in your life and this highlights this greatly.

In some cases, a friend for example, may not reply with something 'twice as weird' but you should at least feel that you can open up to them. Being able to open up like that is true happiness. This doesn't mean that you should ditch them by the way, just because they don't reply with something weirder.
I think this is important to apply to relationships, I know I can definitely apply it to mine. I am incredibly grateful.
Can you apply this to anyone in your life? I'd love to know.

The song I have been lusting over in the past week is Overdone - Bombay Bicycle Club. IT IS AMAZING. Such a chill and laid back vibe. Great for lounging on the beach, anyone been on the beach recently? It wouldn't be summer without a beach lounging tune to jam to now would it?

And last, but not least. My Hump Day video is of a boy parking his gokart in a way that leads me to believe that he is the next 007. No joke; and the way he walks out at the end like "what annd I know I'm badass" "please no autographs" "what you looking at losers". He's no more that 10 and practically The Stig from Top Gear. 
Safe to say, I am impressed.

Ladies and gentlemen, this blog post is finally at a close and I am off to go beddy byes. Or at least try, damn you insomnia.

I hope you enjoyed this short pick me up post. Have a fantastic week and I wish you all the best of health.

All my love sunshines,

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