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Hello Girls and Boys!

I say boys, but I think this post is mainly aimed at girls today. Sorry boys, no hard feelings.

Today I just wanted to rave about and share my new favourite online store, where 70% of my SS14 clothes are currently from.

Today I have picked to talk about their kimonos.

Kimonos, the number one cover up this summer. Raved about by fashion bloggers, worn by many.
Comfortable but annoyingly, sometimes pricey; and if this is your problem or the reason stopping you from buying one, read on.

I currently own 2 out of the many they currently have up on their store
I picked both these kimonos up for £3.99. I know, £3.99.
This is why they're one of my favourite stores currently, their quality is good and they're cheaper than Primark.

For example I bought this above the knee Hawaiian style skort in Primark for £7.

Clothesminded (<) were selling them for £2.99. Safe to say I was bummed by the price difference, I mean I could have saved money for my lunch that day in Patisserie Valerie and with their Macarons, mmmm. I mean it even has pockets, all that for only £2.99?! Perfect with heels.

Back to my much loved kimonos.

My first pick is this beautiful sheer creamy white pastel floral kimono;

And isn't it stunning? It is so simple, dainty and goes perfectly with many outfits. Great for a light summer cover up with a dress or even leggings in Autumn.

I am not so much a fan of pink, however this has just the right amount. I love how this adds such subtle colour to a white T-shirt. Plus it's so cute!

My next kimono purchase is this unique geometric monochrome piece;

With the exact same affect the other kimono has in terms of simplicity but with a classier edge.

I feel that this could be worn more formally on a night out. 
The pink/cream kimono perhaps being more of a day kimono than this elegant piece.

Both kimonos fit well and neither are too baggy, so I'd recommend not going above one up your normal size if you want a nice fit.

If you haven't already fallen head over heels for at least one of these it excites me to tell you that over on Clothesminded ALL kimonos are currently £4.99. Primark price or what?!?

I highly reccomend Clothesminded to those who can't afford to splash out but still want quantity and quality. I've managed to once find 6 items for under £15.

To award you for getting all the way through this post, I have one more surprise for you.
Use my code NEW10 to get 10% off your order! That's basically free delivery.
How could you not love that.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I sure did enjoy finally sharing one of my beloved secrets with you all.

All the best my sunshines,

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  1. I love kimonos! It's annoying how pricey they can be though, it seems kind of ridiculous to me! Love your ones!