Weekend in Wickham - Present from Harry

6th-7th July. 
Road trip to the hotel

Good afternoon boys and girls!

This is my first post in a few days purely because I've been poorly. I've picked up a classic head cold from the people I see 24/7 and it has exhausted me for the last few days.
You know how catching the tiniest thing makes your illnesses 100x worse?
Yeah that.
Especially as I knew it was inevitable.
I don't complain about colds because they're so insignificant on my pain scale however they don't half make my symptoms worse.
Like it's summer, who gets a cold in the summer?!

Some people may remember that for my birthday I recieved a weekend away from my boyfriend, and god did it come round quickly.

Soon we were on our way to the beautiful hotel Harry kindly picked out for my 18th birthday treat!
We left quite late as I was struggling that day due to overdoing it in the last month. We left on the Sunday and my graduation had been from the Friday-Saturday so I was whacked (Blog post on grad is late due to mainly this reason).

I felt very exhausted however snuggled up in a fluffy blanket in the car and rested.

my holographic clutch looked pretty and rainbow-y

After an hour or so of shouting the lyrics to turn down for what
oh and driving (and getting a lost a few times) we arrived at this fancy lil cASTTTLLLEEE!!!
It was the De Vere in Wickham, Southampton. (On the outskirts in a foresty village area, nearer to Portsmouth)
A castle fit for a diva like myself.

So of course as soon as we got into the room I took ugly selfies that Harry kept impatiently interupting. Awful ones at that, but hey I liked my new monochrome kimono (clothesminded.co.uk).

Life motto.

The rooms were outside the main building in the old stables which I found to be SO cute.

We then went off to explore the village of Wickham.

Oh my it was so pretty!
So very quaint.
Mucho picturesque.

Pretty much what every tourist abroad imagines England to be like, which being quite pratrionic, I enjoyed.

We found a lovely little Indian, in which Harry bought me dinner at.
I know what you're thinking. Is curry really a safe food when you struggle with abdominal pain due to IBS?
Well the answer is no, but despite only being able to eat a small portion, it was a dreamy tikka masala regardless.
I like this picture taken of me as it blurs the fact that I couldn't be bothered to put any make up on that day.

If one ever finds themselves in the cute village of Wickham, I highly recommend visiting their One Stop for amazingly cheap deals on alcohol.
Just saying.

We got back quite late and decided to check out the pool before sleeping. We made plans to get up early (yes I know me and the word early in the same sentence, incredible.) the next day to spend time at the spa.

Our breakfast was a beautiful buffet inside the huge manor house. The buffet was gorgeous with so many beautiful foods however we arrived at 9:15am when breakfast ended at 9:30am (that's early for us ok) so the buffet's presentation wasn't that photogenic.

However the dining hall's ceiling was.

We then packed all our stuff up at 10am and spent the next 2 and a bit hours at the spa.

Like look how pretty that jucazzi and pool is.
The steam room was perfect for my horrifically painful muscles. I'd forgotten how much swimming helps pain.

Afterwards we explored the hotel's grounds on a lovely warm sunny Monday morning.

We found a treehouse and a zip wirer!
I love how the weather in the sky is split down the middle, luckily the village of Wickham is on the right side of this picture.

We then left the hotel at 1pm to seak lunch in Wickham.

Look at that gem of a tea room!
And a beautiful sweet shop!
We found a lovely hotel which served yummy food. I fangirled as they served croque monsieurs, which I hadn't had since I went to France.

Such a stunning village which I'm sure gets quite a bit of tourism as it's very 'ye olde English'.
Hm what a pretty boy trying to photobomb my picture taking.

Definitely worth a visit if you're down South and looking for somewhere to visit for the afternoon.
Has anyone ever been there before or know of it?
I'd love to know!

It's been such a struggle to write this but it's definetely been worth it, looking back I enjoyed those couple of days so much!

I hope you're all well and I shall be posting again very soon!

All my love sunshines,

Poppy x

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