I swear I've been hit by a Lorry?

I'm in that stage of my illnesses where it's easy to forget that you're still quite seriously unwell.
Obviously everyone has different experiences but I think quite a few people may know what I mean. 
It's that stage where you can go a week feeling 70% and suddenly


Man down.

It's the boom and bust, and you may have noticed, I live by using the boom and bust pattern.
I'm thinking of doing a longer blog post on this soon as I can't manage it today.
But genuine question. 

Does anyone else use the boom and bust to get by in life?

 I'd love to know! Comment/tweet/Instagram. I'm interested to see.

Anyway, the reason I've collasped is because of the amount of stuff I've done since my exams started. Oh and Holi Fest, which has a post coming soon promise!

Yesterday I went to my drama group, which I adore however we spent 2 1/2 hours dancing for our show and it just finished me off! I unfortunately had to leave early but I'm so proud that I managed to fully take part.

Such a short/quick post, but I hope you're all having an incredible day and enjoying the sun!

Poppy x

(I feel better when I play around with make up)


  1. I boom and bust occasionally but I can't use it to get by in life I end up just completely crashing so I have to live by pacing, slowly building things up so I can maintain them and not get payback. Sending you lots of love <3

    1. About 3 years ago, I had that horrific same problem. I found it so hard to be patient and to give myself time to pace; and for that I completely admire you! Send you all my love sweet pea x

  2. Boom and bust used to dominate my life before I started taking pacing and activity management seriously. It's so tempting to just go go go on the good days but for the most part I try and remember I need to be so careful. I still have my moments though, I'm not Miss perfect pacer just yet!
    On a side note - your makeup looks so pretty! <3

    1. I don't think anyone will ever be miss perfect pacer, it's just something that will always be unachievable with this condition, but I have huge respect for you for trying. I really hope it's had a positive impact, you deserve it!
      Thank you so much lovely girly!x

  3. I'm totally in the Easy to forget you're seriously ill stage too! Pacing is sooo hard. I swear I'll never be good at it! Loads of love, LOVE your blog xxx

    1. It's such a bizarre stage to be in! You feel the pain and tiredness but you're not unwell enough to not do stuff, it's a new concept for me! Pacing will always be something we're never going to get, but we can try. All my love sweet, thank you SO much!!x

  4. I can totally relate to this. Boom and bust pretty much got me through uni! I'm trying to master pacing now though, although I have to admit, I'm not all that good at sticking to it! Loving your blog btw :)
    Alice x