Hump Day Treat

As most may have realised, I have finished school until September, hence all my free time! So I am not having to experience that horrible feeling of struggling through a week, however I know that a few of you probably are.

I believe that life should not feel as though you need to push and fight through each day or week as a chore and that you should find something good each day no matter what day is it, Monday or Friday. However unfortunately this is too common and cannot always be the case for some. So I feel that I should at least try and help make your (yes you) day and week a little lighter. 

I'd thought I'd share with you my hump day so far as motivation for you to get through the rest of the week or today even; soon it'll be Saturday and you'll be lounging in the sun relaxing like me yesterday. It's said that a good hump day can last you through the rest of the week, so here's my attempt!
The end is in sight, picture yourself in this picture.

I've chosen Priorities by Dance a La Plage as today's motivational and most importantly fun song. I believe it is a very summery song. No matter where you are, bed or office, this will make you want to tap your feet and smile! This is a song that I know will get stuck in your head mwaha!

I've chosen this from a book I adore to encourage those to think deeply. I think mindlessly going through a day on autopilot is incredibly sad and it's important to exercise your mind as much as possible.

I'm spending the rest of my day at a contact lense appointment, my boyfriend's house and my weekly drama group (who are currently practising for a strictly come dancing spoof and I am no good at dancing ahhh!!). As you can see, today's quite thrilling. 

How are you spending your hump day? Tweet/Instagram/Comment I'd love to know!
I'd also love to know what your opinion on making this blog post a weekly thing and if it helps in any way.

Have a fantastic day sunshines, stay positive and enjoy the sun!

Poppy x

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