Hump Day Treat - 2

I think I'm definitely going to try make Hump Day a weekly thing.
I feel like I haven't been running it weekly enough to christen it with a hashtag yet. Perhaps next week. 

Best hashtag idea gets glitter and (gluten if need be!) cake.
I think it's important that I do a short and easy read each week that I enjoy writing and you of course enjoy reading. A lot of my posts are quite heavy but I am determined to keep this one light and uplifting!

Reading more than a paragraph, especially with a chronic illness, can be quite daunting.
So let's keep Hump Day simple.

I believe that life should not feel as though you need to push and fight through each day or week as a chore and that you should find something good each day no matter what day is it, this is the theme to Hump Day. However unfortunately this is too common and cannot always be the case for some.
It's said that a good hump day can last you through the rest of the week and this post is my attempt of that!

  • A song which I'm determined to try get stuck in your head this week is > Ain't it Fun by Paramore <. It is again like last week, confidently upbeat, and there's even an uplifting Gospel Choir. It's not at all heavy and handles the issue of growing up and surviving in the real world in a fun way. It may even make you dance!

  • I've chosen this from a book I adore to encourage those to think deeply. I think mindlessly going through a day on autopilot is incredibly sad and it's important to exercise your mind as much as possible.

I'm spending the rest of my day tidying, working from home, cooking, seeing my boyfriend and my weekly drama group this evening. However my mum is insisting that I'm too poorly to take part this week, wah! 

I'm also picking out a new domain name of so stay tuned!

How are you spending your hump day? Tweet/Instagram/Comment I'd love to know!
I'd also love to know what your opinion on making this blog post a weekly thing and if it helps in any way.

Have a fantastic day sunshines, stay positive and enjoy the sun!
Poppy x

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