Hump Day Treat - 3

Hello Boys and Girls!

It's Hump Day again!

I've been told many-a times that Hump Day sounds incredibly similar to a sexual innuendo. Hilarious this may be when I realised, this was not the original intention I can assure you.
For those who are still unsure what I mean by this 'Hump Day', here's Urban Dictionary's definition: 

The middle of a work week (Wednesday); used in the context of climbing a proverbial hill to get through a tough week.

After hump day, the weekend gets closer.

I know that when being in chronic pain 24/7, everyday tends to feel like a Hump Day.

But hey, we might as well try and enjoy our everyday Hump Day.
I believe that life should not feel as though you need to push and fight through each day or week as a chore and that you should find something good each day no matter what day is it, this is the theme to Hump Day. However unfortunately this is too common and cannot always be the case for some.
It's said that a good hump day can last you through the rest of the week and this post is my attempt of that!

Here's my beautiful Hump Day Thought. I really hope it makes you think about your potential and the possibility of succeeding. Whether it be finishing a school/work deadline or overcoming and illness.

  • Here is this Hump Day's feel good song. Today's is short light yet upbeat song from You Me At Six (- Who You Are). Please don't be put off by the fact that they're a rock band. It is such a beautiful song with stunning lyrics, and I hope it makes you realise that you are enough in this harsh world.  

  • This Hump Day's video is a > short film < (2mins) professionally made by friends of mine who entered competition where they had to include certain things such as lines etc. It is SO well done and the special effects are INSANE!! I am pretty sure they'll win. Please bare in mind they're 18 with barely a budget not the BBC etc (yet) 
A smile for ME band makes a surprise appearence!

So what do you think of this weeks Hump Day? I apologise for barely being able to reply to comments recently, been particularly poorly.
What has everyone done on this Hump Day or planning on doing?

I have my drama show tonight where we are basically doing a mock of Strictly Come Dancing.
Annoyingly I think I am too unwell to fully take part but I shall definitely be helping backstage.
I am so excited as everyone has worked so hard on so many crazy cool dances etc. 
Who knew that a drama group could be so good at dance!

I shall report back soon my sunshines.

All the best my sunshines,

Poppy x

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