Birthday London Adventure

So last time I left you guys, I was excitedly telling you all about my 18th birthday; which was a blast and frankly that post seemed never ending! 

And unfortunately the length of this post isn't any better than the last.
Prepare your pretty faces for a bonbardment of photos. Don't tell me that I didn't warn you.

The day after my birthday, Harry and I had planned to go to London bright and early for a few days. Although we didn't infact leave until 4ish on that Tuesday, whoops. Can you blame me? My body was dying after my drunken antics on the beach! You know those days where you just need 2+ hours after waking up in bed to gather the strength to move/reboot your body's coordination and you physically can't just 'hop' out of bed? It was one of them. I'm so grateful for no longer being plagued by that tortuous process everyday of my life, now I experience it no more than a couple times a week.

So here's me, proud of myself for finally getting in the car make-up-less after stressful packing (it gives me mild anxiety) and on route to Harry's Auntie's house who lives by Richmond in London. 

I picked out cute outfit to cheer myself up and I adore it. I found this dress in Primark on my birthday and the pattern is a dream.

Harry and I spent the evening walking around his Auntie's town and marvelling at the restaurant's (which we later had dinner at) food.

Look at these colourful beauties.

Don't they make your mouth water?!?

Harry bought me my entire meal and my first legal cocktail. It was limoncello, lemonata and prosecco! YUM.

Despite being quite heavy, my stomach coped surprising okay with everything. I was overjoyed that I got to properly enjoy my beautiful meal payed by that beautiful boy.

Harry wears his everyday!

After dinner we stopped at a couple of pubs for drinks as for once we could both drink. Harry's intention was to obviously get me very drunk as he bought every one of my drinks.
I want to say that he didn't succeed.
But he kinda did. God damn medication making me a light weight!

We picked the perfect day to visit London. That Wednesday (26th June) had such stunning weather and look POPPIES!

We walked all the way to the train station at 12pm. Bare in mind that this was a 25-30 minute walk. A year ago I could not have done that and I was so surprised at how well I handled it. 
So I obviously deserved a can of Pimms on the train. (playsuit -

Thankfully we had a 25 minute train journey to Waterloo to rest and relax my body oh and take these gorgeous selfies

which would be a mistake not to share on the inter-world.

We then zoomed off on the tube to Warwick Avenue (Cue Duffy) and caught the prettiest barge boat from Little Venice. 

I fell in love with it instantly.

I had been longing to go on a cruise from Little Venice since I went to London Zoo in April and it was so worth the wait.

Harry took a generic snapchat.

I think it's worth going purely to see the White House-like dream houses along Regent's Canal.

We bought a tummy safe picnic, with alcohol as well of course. 

Here are some cute pictures I took along the canal that are too pretty not to share;

40 minutes later we arrived at..

Camden Lock!

And oh how I missed this market. Considering that I'm writing this at almost 1am, I feel these cards I found are relevant;

Oh and Harry bought me late birthday card....  
Hm, isn't he lovely?

I'd forgotten how special Camden really is;
Please don't eat cats, that's most inconsiderate, don't you think? You're not from North Korea.

Sunglasses selfie;
These Dutch pancakes were to die for! I once attempted making these but these are definitely 10/10; 
Have a guess at why this is my dream dress;
Yes it's because of the poppies, 10 points to Griffindor.

I had recieved tickets for a brand new panel show in Hammersmith called Virtually Famous (starting on E4 soon). This was our next adventure of the day! 
I maybe chronically ill but I can still handle 2 adventures in a day. (Just)

It lasted a good 4 exhausting hours. It was hosted by Glee star, Kevin McHale; with a panel of Tyger Drew Honey (yes I fangirled) Seann Walsh (Hilarious), Racheal Riley (from Countdown), Chris Stark, Chris Ramsey and many more! Not the best panel show but amusing regardless. Seeing a flying stuffed cat attached to a helicopter was a highlight.

After that we hoped on a tube from Hammersmith to Westminster to take a walk along the North Embankment to explore some stunning clubs my family are a member of along there.

I don't take Big Ben pictures but the light made it look so pretty so I had too.
We then took a stroll along South Embankment back to Waterloo. I was surprised that I was so able to walk after such a frantic day!!!
I used to stay at City Hall by the Eye a lot and it's definitely becoming more and more pretty with each visit.
We then returned to Waterloo to grab the train back/a very nourishing meal of McDonalds.

We left the next day and oh my I was exhausted, my body was not happy with how much I achieved those 2 days. However every second was worth it for that feeling of freedom that I had not experienced since before exams started. 

Adventures like this make me realise how much my health in many ways has improved and I am so grateful for every second of decent health. Obviously everything is still a challenge but everyday is easier to overcome than past experiences.

Thank you for catching up on this London adventure from last week! I shall be uploading a post on my Holi Festival overnight experience in London and will be up latest Saturday (as I have my graduation on Friday ekk!)

Always feel free to get in touch with me if you're in need of a friend/advice/company/Beyoncé look-a-like.

All my love my sunshines, stay sunny and positive! 

Poppy x


  1. Aw I love that you and Harry are wearing the Smile For ME wristband! Thank you <3 Glad you had a lovely birthday adventure :) Xx

    1. We will always support your charity pretty! Harry sees my fight everyday and has a ridiculous amount of admiration for your achievements, it's our pleasure to support them as much as possible.
      Thank you, it was such a blast!!x

  2. That birthday card is genius. Love it. You deffo have to come and visit me in Laaaandon when I move up there! .x

    1. Camden has many a gem of cards, you'll see that yourself soon hehe! Oh, no is not an option to this question, seeing you in my favourite city is a must!x

  3. Looks like such a great Birthday! So pleased your body let you do all of that, I can only imagine how mean she was afterwards! Poppies are actually my favourite flowers, If I was ever to have a child, and I had a girl I'd want to call her Poppy! <3

    1. Aw it was such a great experience, so was I! So impressed with what it's managing to achieve at the moment with, thankfully, little crash. I hope your body is treating you as well as mine.
      I want to say they're my favourite, but that's a little bias hehe.
      I feel honoured that'd my name maybe shared with a mini Hayley-Eszti one day!x