Late Hump Day - 4

Yes yes yes. I'm posting a Hump Day post on a Thursday. It's all very muddled and for that, I apologise.
I also apologise for the fact that the text on here is all different sizing, as I'm writing on my phone I'm unable to edit that but will asap because it's annoying me.

I did indeed screw up and found that I had no time to post yesterday. Late yesterday I left for a last minute getaway to our apartments on the sea front in Purbeck. On arrival there was also a powercut for a few hours, which happened again this morning. The whole town has been fuming. 
So naturally I've had to save battery on my devices and not blog. Which was a huge ask for me, but I did it.

Anyway, I'm keeping this Hump Day short 'n' sweet and jumping straight into it. 

Here are two of my favourite thoughtful quotes for this week: 

Annoyingly I can only post this link to this weeks jolly song as I'm writing on my phone (hence the lack of editing)

This week's choice is Mesmerise by Temples as I love this band dearly. They're incredibly upbeat and have a 60s yet mondern vibe. My favourite comment on the YouTube video is  
"It seems like The Beatles and Tame Impala had a child."
It's gr8.

Go blank out the world out for 3mins42 and form your own opinion. 

And last but not least, I have known this video of this beaver for such a long time and still love it just as much. You simply have to see how cute and awww-y funny this is. 

Welcome to Canada.

I have a couple more posts to post this week but I am so so busy currently that it's hard to keep up! I can't wait to tell you all about my week. How's your week going? Are you enjoying the sun as much as I am? I'd love to know! I'm also thinking of doing a weekly round up each week as I'm getting up to so much at the moment. Please tell me your opinion on this weekly Hump Day post. I haven't really recieved much feedback and I'd love to know if you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

Excel Top 5 - Summer Picks

Hello boys and girls!

Today I have been looking and lusting over Excel, the online clothing store, which has some pretty amazing bargains. I have been asked to review their clothing so I thought I'd share with you my top 5 favourite things currently from them!

I found this beautiful dress from Ted Baker which would be perfect for summer cocktail parties and mingles of the sorts. I adore Ted Baker's floral patterns. I must state that although I like the colour pink, I never wear it and Ted is starting to convert me recently; like this stunning clutch, the gems and pastel pink are a dream!

And of course one must include shoes like Tommy Hilfiger's beautiful tan and white wedges here. Tommy Hilfiger will always be a favourite of mine. When it comes to wedges, they are a must for summer. I personally think that every girl needs to own a pair of tan wedges, easy to walk in and cute as a button.

Personally I am not a fan of most Michael Kors bags, I see a lot of them as quite basic and boring (and over-priced for that matter.)
I think I am definitely going to have to make an excuse for the Hamilton Tote. Serious bag envy. I cannot buy a bag if it doesn't have a long shoulder strap, and this beauty checks that box. I prefer navy over black as this brightens up a simple outfit in a subtle way. Definitely going to have to recommend this bag to others who think similarly to me in the confusing bag world. It is often hard to hunt down one that fits your needs like this one.

To top it all off, I have been searching for a classy Chanel style cardigan and I have struck gold with this Maison Scotch knitted jacket. I am not a fan of a plain cardigans anymore so I am thrilled my hunt is over. The perfect light yet warm layer for summer, which we can all probably agree on, is a pretty confusing season.
For example, as I write there is torrential rain and thunder outside, however 12 hours ago it was about 28c with blue skies.
It's shaping out to be a beautiful British summer.

KardashiWOOD, that works right?

So. As some of you may know, I spend a lot of time on my phone. 
Especially in bed. 
I'm also guessing that a lot of you do too, but probably not in the same way.

I'm ashamed to admit this; but I think I have become addicted to Kim Kardashian's new game available on the App Store.

I have no idea why I decided to write a post on it, probably to hopefully get a response and see that I'm not the only poor soul hooked on this mindless game.



You basically become a Kardashian in Hollywood and it makes you feel like you're on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It's just as mindless as the TV series. I don't have an opinion on the Kardashians, although I do think there are many more inspiring people to admire. Which annoys me even more.
For those who don't know, the point of this game is to work yourself up from the E list to the A list by doing photoshoots, dating, bitching about other celebrities, making appearances etc etc. You're given energy tokens every couple of minutes and for each action some are taken away, this also means you run out very quickly. (And yes I payed £2.99 for 50 energy tokens because I am incredibly daft)
It runs in real time which means you have to keep up to date with the game otherwise you may lose fans.
The things you do to earn fans/money are so easy, literally all you do is tap; and this is probably why it's so addictive.
It's so easy.
It's so easy to become famous. After all it is most people's dreams to get a little notice at least once in their lives. However in real life this is not easy, but the game makes it easy which obviously absorbs the player.

You can also fly from LA to NY in a matter of seconds, incredible. Which is probably why I like it so much because to live in LA is my current life goal. I guess I see it as a substitute for the time being.
I don't think the clothes shopping and dressing my little doll helps either. It's like free internet shopping (my other addiction), what's not to like.

For someone who doesn't play games on their phone and only downloaded it out of curiosity, I'm amazed at how captivated I am by it. It's Flappy Bird all over again. 

This is such a different post for me compared to normal. 
What do you all think? Have any of you played it? 
Some of you are probably judging my hugely, but trust me I'm judging myself too. 
I'm hoping I'll slowllllyyy play it less and less, but almost 2 weeks later and it doesn't seem to be happening yet. Any advice my fellow friends?

I'm stuck on a runaway train on Kim Kardashian overload with my inevitable doom in sight. Dear lord help me.

Hump Day Treat - 3

Hello Boys and Girls!

It's Hump Day again!

I've been told many-a times that Hump Day sounds incredibly similar to a sexual innuendo. Hilarious this may be when I realised, this was not the original intention I can assure you.
For those who are still unsure what I mean by this 'Hump Day', here's Urban Dictionary's definition: 

The middle of a work week (Wednesday); used in the context of climbing a proverbial hill to get through a tough week.

After hump day, the weekend gets closer.

I know that when being in chronic pain 24/7, everyday tends to feel like a Hump Day.

But hey, we might as well try and enjoy our everyday Hump Day.
I believe that life should not feel as though you need to push and fight through each day or week as a chore and that you should find something good each day no matter what day is it, this is the theme to Hump Day. However unfortunately this is too common and cannot always be the case for some.
It's said that a good hump day can last you through the rest of the week and this post is my attempt of that!

Here's my beautiful Hump Day Thought. I really hope it makes you think about your potential and the possibility of succeeding. Whether it be finishing a school/work deadline or overcoming and illness.

  • Here is this Hump Day's feel good song. Today's is short light yet upbeat song from You Me At Six (- Who You Are). Please don't be put off by the fact that they're a rock band. It is such a beautiful song with stunning lyrics, and I hope it makes you realise that you are enough in this harsh world.  

  • This Hump Day's video is a > short film < (2mins) professionally made by friends of mine who entered competition where they had to include certain things such as lines etc. It is SO well done and the special effects are INSANE!! I am pretty sure they'll win. Please bare in mind they're 18 with barely a budget not the BBC etc (yet) 
A smile for ME band makes a surprise appearence!

So what do you think of this weeks Hump Day? I apologise for barely being able to reply to comments recently, been particularly poorly.
What has everyone done on this Hump Day or planning on doing?

I have my drama show tonight where we are basically doing a mock of Strictly Come Dancing.
Annoyingly I think I am too unwell to fully take part but I shall definitely be helping backstage.
I am so excited as everyone has worked so hard on so many crazy cool dances etc. 
Who knew that a drama group could be so good at dance!

I shall report back soon my sunshines.

All the best my sunshines,

Poppy x

Weekend in Wickham - Present from Harry

6th-7th July. 
Road trip to the hotel

Good afternoon boys and girls!

This is my first post in a few days purely because I've been poorly. I've picked up a classic head cold from the people I see 24/7 and it has exhausted me for the last few days.
You know how catching the tiniest thing makes your illnesses 100x worse?
Yeah that.
Especially as I knew it was inevitable.
I don't complain about colds because they're so insignificant on my pain scale however they don't half make my symptoms worse.
Like it's summer, who gets a cold in the summer?!

Some people may remember that for my birthday I recieved a weekend away from my boyfriend, and god did it come round quickly.

Soon we were on our way to the beautiful hotel Harry kindly picked out for my 18th birthday treat!
We left quite late as I was struggling that day due to overdoing it in the last month. We left on the Sunday and my graduation had been from the Friday-Saturday so I was whacked (Blog post on grad is late due to mainly this reason).

I felt very exhausted however snuggled up in a fluffy blanket in the car and rested.

my holographic clutch looked pretty and rainbow-y

After an hour or so of shouting the lyrics to turn down for what
oh and driving (and getting a lost a few times) we arrived at this fancy lil cASTTTLLLEEE!!!
It was the De Vere in Wickham, Southampton. (On the outskirts in a foresty village area, nearer to Portsmouth)
A castle fit for a diva like myself.

So of course as soon as we got into the room I took ugly selfies that Harry kept impatiently interupting. Awful ones at that, but hey I liked my new monochrome kimono (

Life motto.

The rooms were outside the main building in the old stables which I found to be SO cute.

We then went off to explore the village of Wickham.

Oh my it was so pretty!
So very quaint.
Mucho picturesque.

Pretty much what every tourist abroad imagines England to be like, which being quite pratrionic, I enjoyed.

We found a lovely little Indian, in which Harry bought me dinner at.
I know what you're thinking. Is curry really a safe food when you struggle with abdominal pain due to IBS?
Well the answer is no, but despite only being able to eat a small portion, it was a dreamy tikka masala regardless.
I like this picture taken of me as it blurs the fact that I couldn't be bothered to put any make up on that day.

If one ever finds themselves in the cute village of Wickham, I highly recommend visiting their One Stop for amazingly cheap deals on alcohol.
Just saying.

We got back quite late and decided to check out the pool before sleeping. We made plans to get up early (yes I know me and the word early in the same sentence, incredible.) the next day to spend time at the spa.

Our breakfast was a beautiful buffet inside the huge manor house. The buffet was gorgeous with so many beautiful foods however we arrived at 9:15am when breakfast ended at 9:30am (that's early for us ok) so the buffet's presentation wasn't that photogenic.

However the dining hall's ceiling was.

We then packed all our stuff up at 10am and spent the next 2 and a bit hours at the spa.

Like look how pretty that jucazzi and pool is.
The steam room was perfect for my horrifically painful muscles. I'd forgotten how much swimming helps pain.

Afterwards we explored the hotel's grounds on a lovely warm sunny Monday morning.

We found a treehouse and a zip wirer!
I love how the weather in the sky is split down the middle, luckily the village of Wickham is on the right side of this picture.

We then left the hotel at 1pm to seak lunch in Wickham.

Look at that gem of a tea room!
And a beautiful sweet shop!
We found a lovely hotel which served yummy food. I fangirled as they served croque monsieurs, which I hadn't had since I went to France.

Such a stunning village which I'm sure gets quite a bit of tourism as it's very 'ye olde English'.
Hm what a pretty boy trying to photobomb my picture taking.

Definitely worth a visit if you're down South and looking for somewhere to visit for the afternoon.
Has anyone ever been there before or know of it?
I'd love to know!

It's been such a struggle to write this but it's definetely been worth it, looking back I enjoyed those couple of days so much!

I hope you're all well and I shall be posting again very soon!

All my love sunshines,

Poppy x

Hump Day Treat - 2

I think I'm definitely going to try make Hump Day a weekly thing.
I feel like I haven't been running it weekly enough to christen it with a hashtag yet. Perhaps next week. 

Best hashtag idea gets glitter and (gluten if need be!) cake.
I think it's important that I do a short and easy read each week that I enjoy writing and you of course enjoy reading. A lot of my posts are quite heavy but I am determined to keep this one light and uplifting!

Reading more than a paragraph, especially with a chronic illness, can be quite daunting.
So let's keep Hump Day simple.

I believe that life should not feel as though you need to push and fight through each day or week as a chore and that you should find something good each day no matter what day is it, this is the theme to Hump Day. However unfortunately this is too common and cannot always be the case for some.
It's said that a good hump day can last you through the rest of the week and this post is my attempt of that!

  • A song which I'm determined to try get stuck in your head this week is > Ain't it Fun by Paramore <. It is again like last week, confidently upbeat, and there's even an uplifting Gospel Choir. It's not at all heavy and handles the issue of growing up and surviving in the real world in a fun way. It may even make you dance!

  • I've chosen this from a book I adore to encourage those to think deeply. I think mindlessly going through a day on autopilot is incredibly sad and it's important to exercise your mind as much as possible.

I'm spending the rest of my day tidying, working from home, cooking, seeing my boyfriend and my weekly drama group this evening. However my mum is insisting that I'm too poorly to take part this week, wah! 

I'm also picking out a new domain name of so stay tuned!

How are you spending your hump day? Tweet/Instagram/Comment I'd love to know!
I'd also love to know what your opinion on making this blog post a weekly thing and if it helps in any way.

Have a fantastic day sunshines, stay positive and enjoy the sun!
Poppy x

Holi Festival of Colours 2014 - London Adventure

29th-30th June.

Oloha boys and girls!

It's been an exhausting week now since I ventured to Holi Festival of Colours at the Olympic Park, London, for an unforgettable day in the rain (oh how I longed to say sun!)

Now some of you may have seen me ramble on about this 'Holi Fest' for a while.

Holi-This? Holi-what? Is probably what a lot of you are thinking.
And for that I apologise as you are therefore missing out on a simply beautiful concept.

Let me educate you. 
For those who may not know, Holi Festival is originally an Indian festival that celebrates the vibrancy of life by using colour. It seeks to make us aware of colour and how we can sometimes take it for granted. The special feature is that the people paint themselves; or, like at my festival: throw powder with various colours in the air to express the freedom and colour in their everyday life. The most important thing is, that on this day all castes of the indian caste-system are nullified and put out of force. The good overcomes the bad. On this day of celebration, all people are supposed to be equal. 

Equality, tolerance, happiness and peace are promoted through the concept and even during the festival. This is where the idea to bring this festival to the rest of the world came from and why it has so easily spread universally. There are at least 20+ Holi events in England each year. hosted the one I attend, although Holi One are hosting many in August - London's is at Wembley which sounds incredible! 

Holi Festivals over here currently aim for a 'clubby' atmosphere, which can be generalised to everyone. Despite myself having a strong dislike for clubbing, I was pleasantly surprised. The point is to wear white clothing so that you go in plain and come out the festival as a rainbow.

Here is the line up for the 28th/29th June to get a taste of the (mildly horrific, in my opinion) music! 

Now you know what was in store for my day, here's how I spent it.

Are you sitting comfortably?
Then let's begin.

Harry and I woke up at 8
As you can see from our facial expressions we were not impressed.

Anyway, we then scrambled into Harry's car, I was basically thinking for Harry that morning as he was half dead.
We stopped for a beautiful McDonald's breakfast, which I could really do with right now.
Then headed off to Harry's Aunt's again as we were staying over and catching a train from her town.
Grabbed a lift from her (instead of walking thank god!) and were on route to London Waterloo.
Our excited faces were in use as you can see.
Harry took a picture of my face, because I had a cute dimple on my nose, hello face.

We then caught to the tube to Stratford and walked and walked all the way to the Olympic Velodrome. It took forever, my legs were already suffering!
We queued for a good while before being let in.
Security treated me really well as I needed a bottle of water for medication and despite no liquids etc being let in, they let me! We were off to a good start.
First you had to buy tokens, by handing £5+ over and recieving that in token form. Which was a bit of a con, but the tokens were pretty regardless.
As usual, this festival was expensive once inside, but probably the most expensive I've been to.
£10 for 1L of Cider was just ridiculous.

We frolicked in front of the stage whilst taking selfies for a while before the second powder paint countdown as we had finally bought (the horrifically expensive) powder. (You can only buy on site)
We had been in the crowd for the first one, (when everyone throws powder in the air) hence sploges of colour but not fully taken part!

"Do a double chin with me Harry!!" "How about no?"

My hair is basically as short as Kylie Jenner's there.
This was the result after the first countdown and there were still 6 more to come! (One from 3pm+ every hour)

Once engulfed by the powder, at first it feels incredibly beautiful and fun then smack; it's nearly impossible to breathe! 
You have to quickly take your last fresh clean breath and hold it until the air shortly settles after all the powder. You also become temporarily blind whilst jumping up and down, immersed in powder.

It's like getting gassed!

Not that I've ever been gassed, but you get the picture.

It also left a very clogged up air around us and the crowd, it became very hazey.
I would not recommend this to amesmatics!
It shortly began to rain, torrential rain.
We were saved by my binbag type raincoat but regardless we got soaked.
After over an hour or so, Harry, who did not come prepared as me, started to honestly look like he may catch flu.
My pain levels were also increasing due to the water and cold, we decided to look around for somewhere I could sit.
They did not provide any shelter for any festival goers so this was a difficult mission.

We first asked security, I stated that I have Fibro, ME, IBS etc and showing my tablet box.
It was a no. I found them so rude.
We then asked the first drop in medical bay with the same procedure.
It was a no again. From an actual medical bay?!?!??
The huge second drop in medical bay WITH an ambulance ALSO rejected my pleas for help.
By this point I was honestly disgusted as no one was actually in this bay and I could see 2 free seats that I was longing to sit on for 10 minutes max. I even told them that I would spend no more than that amount of time in there!
The press tent showed the most sympathy, a lovely lady felt so sorry for my situation however the press tent had strict on rules and had to say no.

What disgusted me the most is that I genuinely got turned down by medical staff because I don't think I looked 'unwell' enough.
How can medical staff be that ignorant?!
I hope it's not this dire at Reading Festival.

Anyway on a happier note, we decided to leave and go into the Westfield centre, grab some food and watch a movie.
It was hard work walking back again.

If you're thinking of going, here's a list of equipment I reccomend bringing: 

• a mask
• headscarf 
• sunglasses or googles
obviously wear white clothing
• boots or trainers
• a binbag type raincoat
• a binbag
• a rucksack
• a small plastic see through bag for your phone and valuables to be kept safe and clean.
• Water - it gets stuck in your throat sometimes

You also had to be 18+/ID'd to attend this event, although a lot allow all ages.

I hope that list doesn't scare you off too much! It's really worth going for purely for the atmosphere and sense of freedom.
My advice is to go on a hot sunny day, I guarentee it will be a day you'll never forget.

We stopped off at Bumpkin, which serves devine food and has lovely staff.
However Harry and I were covered head to toe in paint. Staff of Westfield weren't letting anyone from the festival into shops etc but luckily I had a clean top and managed to pull off being a normal person. 

To get an idea of how messy we were, these were once white tee's:

It was so bad that I had to buy new clothing for Harry in Primark!

After Bumpkin, they had closed down Westfield's shops and as we still had traces of paint on our faces it was incredibly difficult to get into the centre due to security.

Once inside we visited the Casino.

I fell in love with the lights!

We grabbed popcorn and an ice blast and bought tickets to see TFIOS, The Fault in Our Stars. I wanted to prove to Harry that it is in fact an incredibly sad film, as since I told him that it made me cry he's been teasing me!

Half way through the film he cracked and started crying. I was in hysterics and made a complete mockery of him. Not so hard now huh?

After this we grabbed our second McDonalds of the day and caught the train home.
As you can imagine we were exhausted. We ditch the original idea of having a shower, despite our messy selves and slept ASAP.

The next day I woke up to my hair as pink as the pink panther.

I felt like 2007 Avril Lavigne, it was brill.

We decide to make the most of our day by taking a cute visit to Hampton Court Palace, just outside of London.
It was literally so beautiful, I was in awe.
Like dude, I want that golden arch way.
I really reccomend visiting if you want an easy quite day out, as it has a cute cafe and wheelchair facilities!

We then decided travelling home would be wise as it had started raining again.
The weather was not in our favour.

Overall it was such an adventure and I enjoyed it ridiculous amounts. It was physically and mentally draining, but I didn't actually crash that much after.
I have noticed recently that I barely have any horrific crashes, it's crazy weird.
Anyone noticed that too? I'd love to know if any of you have noticed an improvement, it's so so good to see the positives.

Anyway, just in case some of you are interested in Holi Fest, I dug out a vlog of the festival and a 30 second clip.

 The vlog is done by the lovely RhiannonAshleeExtra here

And here is the quick countdown filmed on a go-pro;

I'm yet to finish my post on my graduation ball which will be up at the end of the week! I'm SO excited to tell you guys alllllll about it.

I wish you all the best of health, keep positive my sunshines!

Poppy x