My Day of Birth 2014

I thought I'd start this post off with a stunning selfie for your entertainment. My boyfriend was speeding along whilst I was (shamelessly) taking birthday selfies and suddenly did an emergency stop to annoy me (he opposes my vanity) and this was the outcome;



Literally taken 2 seconds apart from each other.
Well at least I kept my pose.


My birthday morning started off swell.
My grandma had decided to come down the day before from Berkshire (where 60% of my family live and where I spend a lot of my time) to surprise me. I say surprise, but the moment I walked through my front door I was overwhelmed by a tidal wave of her distinct Elizabeth Arden perfume, you know the classic fuzzy grandma smell? 

This was the first time my birthday was on a Monday in years and it was a very surreal feeling. See, most of my family's birthdays are at the weekend and we all wake up in the morning, go downstairs together and the kitchen is all decorated, it's a very cute affair; and lame for that matter. 
But I woke up to no decorations this year, as everyone was out, it was sorta disheartening. 

However my grandma and my dad (who is always at work!) were at home so we went out for an early lunch to get me into the 'birthday spirit'! (Is that a thing?)

My dad gave me a stunning rose, which I happily frolicked around with in front of my camera;
Paisley Playsuit - ASOS
Crochet Selveless Cardi - New Look 
Belt - eBay 
Holographic Gladiator Shoes - Bank, Ribbon
Got to love a birthday outfit!!

I then rested for a while before being picked up by Harry to venture into Bournemouth and the beach together!
We explored the food and drink festival they recently had in the centre;
My stomach/IBS said no but my heart said yes.
The food was beautiful, there's something so special about food markets. Or just food in general..

I bought an outfit for Holi Festival of Colour at the Olympic Park (which is today! I am currently on route to it. 29th June - blog post to come, I am SO excited!!!) before proceeding to have a light snack on the Pier with a beautiful view of the beach.

I just love Aruba.

Harry then took me to the beach where I opened his incredibly thought out presents whilst sipping on my first bottle of legal wine. I've been given a 2 night stay in a 4 star hotel in the forest just out of Southampton with him ASWELL as a cinema, dinner date AND LASER TAG. Like holy crap?!?!?!? Bitches love laser tag.
I also recieved a copy of one of my favourite books, papertowns, I recently realised that I no longer have my beloved copy and he remembered! A map of the United Kingdom, so I can pin all our adventures on my wall. A perfume that he had been meaning to get me for almost 6 months; (he bought me the wrong one for Valentines - he finally succeeded!) and of course, the gift all girls want, a Nerf Gun, for future battles.

We then zoomed off to pick up my best friend Charly. It came to our realisation that we were currently running 1 hour late. See I'm normally incredibly fashionably late by nature, but a whole HOUR is my latest achievement.

I recieved the cutest presents from Charly, almost dozen packets of Pocky's, (LOOK THEM UP) yankee's, the cutest lantern and regal rose jewellery. She's truly out done me this year, congrats to her.

Anyway. This is the fun bit. I walked through the kitchen door on my arrival home to my family jumping up from behind the breakfast bar screaming 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'!!!








Here is a zoomed up version of some real cute ass pictures of me in baby form, born 6 whole weeks early. Enjoy.

My presents' wrapping were quickly torn to reveal some well thought out and meaningful beauties. Here are my favourites;

Isn't that Chanel travel compact stunning?!?

And yes, you spotted right, that is a book on Paris.

I haven't been since I was 4, I went via Concord and HOLY CRAP I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!
If you have any suggestions on where to stay or go in Paris, hit me up PLEASE. 

We all then had a beautiful Barbie - I know I'm not Austrailian - with scallops and such amazing food! Oh and alcohol and what not.
My mum made me a brilliant red velvet cake with 3 layers. My mum does not bake cake in the family, my little sister does, so I was so surprised! It had those FIRE sparklers, like mini fireworks coming out of it. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by FOB had never seemed so relevant.

Charly, Harry and I then ventured off to the beach at around 10 and stayed there probably until about 2:30am.

Many a drunken antics occurred that night and I got to spend my last 2 hours of my birthday with my two best friends running around on the beach soaked. I wouldn't change that company for the world. 

Isn't she beautiful? (Please don't H8 me for sharing this on the inter-world C)

If you have got to here then I applaud you! Thank you for sticking until the end of this post, I really appreciate it and hope you enjoyed hearing about my 18th antics! I am so so grateful for such an amazing day, I really needed it and it's made me feel so content.
I can't wait to write more blog posts on my 2 trips/stays to London this week and next weekend my graduation!

I wish you all the best my sunshines, enjoy your day!

Poppy x

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  1. This sounds like the best birthday ever and I love your emergency stop selfie :D
    Beth x