Birthday Week - Part 1

Hello girls and boys!

I thought I'd update you all on the antics I have recently been up to in celebration for my big 18. Although I think after all that my body physically feels like it's the big 81.

Yes, you're going to have to get used to my awful puns.

For starters, I have been one lucky girl. My A2 exams, which I shall write another blog post on, finished 4 days before my birthday. Great timing. However there was no rest time AT ALL. 
Anybody who suffers from a debilitating chronic illness knows how hard it is to be on the go constantly for a day, let alone a week, even if it is your birthday.
On the Thursday the exams finished (June 18th) I got my nails done and was out with friends all day and night, as well as the Friday AND the whole of Saturday shopping with my best friend. 
Saturday's outfit, could I star in Clueless along side Cher? (PLEASE)

After 3 full days of socialising I thought I could at least rest on the Sunday BUT no.
My family orangized and surprised me with a cute late lunch, a day before my birthday, to my favourite restaurant at the heavenly Limewood Hotel, in the New Forest. I'm not complaining, their food is to die for, and thankfully IBS was ever so kind to me that day and spared my soul the embarrassment of crippling pain in public. 

I wore a beautiful outfit which made me feel like a princess all day, and at one point I forgot I was on medication! (Bliss) 

My skirt is similar to Topshop's mesh midi, inspired by Arabella Golby, however I couldn't find one anywhere and struck gold on! They do a range, in gingham and pink. My top, a holographic stripy crop top from Ribbon. My shoes, vintage transparent Chanel heels. My favourite! I'd say I scrubbed up nicely for someone who hadn't dressed up nor left bed in a while.

Limewood spam.

Taking a break from that exhausting family-izing (can that be a new word please, it seems relevant) by lying on that swing with Harry.

I hope that gives an idea of how undoubtely fun yet so packed and exhausting that day was, but totally worth it. After all, when your dad's paying for many a cocktail and alcohol, how can you refuse? (Even if it does react quickly with medication) 

I shall be uploading a post on my actual birthday (The Monday, June 23rd) and a post on a few days away spent in (24-26th June) London which I got back from yesterday (and an 'ideas on how to spend a day in London and have fun without exhausting/dying too much' post) this week

Thank you for reading sunshine, have a great day!

Poppy x


  1. It looks like you had a truly lovely birthday, glad you enjoyed it! Your dress is just as pretty as you are :)

    Meg xo
    Meg Says | Health & Beauty

    1. hello darling Meg! i apologise for only just getting back to you. Thank you, it was such a blast
      awwww thank you sweetpea, so so proud of your achievements recently x