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My Most Worn Outfit Of SS17 - Floral Maxi Two Piece

Well, this is long overdue isn't it?!
I've had this post hidden away for almost two months, embarrassing I know.
However as it's my 21st birthday outfit, this means too much to me to simply be forgotten.

I have worn this a lot over the past summer. It has become my go to outfit, making me feel fricking good about myself whenever I wear it. Plus, the skirt and top can be worn separately to create a whole new look with different separates paired with each piece. I never really buy two pieces, like the cheap skate I am, so this was its selling point for sure.

Spotify Playlist: Summer Starter Mix

As I write this I am sitting on my patio with the most loveliest of sun rays blinding me bouncing off my skin.
It's almost 7pm, blue sky and around 19c, you could say that it's almost perfect. Almost being because of the strawberries I planned to eat out here have gone mouldy (I totally just ate a mouldy one).
But on a happier note, I have put together some of my favourite new (mostly recently released) summer-y songs into a neat little playlist, just for you pals.

Autumn to Winter Outfit - Embroidered Skirt & Turtlenecks ootd

Hello my loves,

It saddens me that I haven't put together an outfit post in a hideously long time, so decided to utilise my wonderful course & blogger pal, Milly.
Honestly, she's one of the main people who sparked my love for blogging again & for that I thank her.
Believe it or not, I consider this outfit to be very simple but it's also why my love grows for it whenever I slap it on.

A Veggie at Taco Bell - Southampton's Opening Day

My burrito and side.


I find it quite fitting that my first blog post in what feels like decades should be about my favourite food humanity has EVER created, burritos.

I thought I would spend some time telling you about how Taco Bell's new Southampton chain got on today, its grand opening.
Yes, I'm so addicted to Mexican food that I will brave an opening day, madness I know.

I'm Back & Why.

Hi there, you gorgeous being.
Hi hi hi. A million hi's to you, because I did truly miss you.

I'm unsure how many people were patient and stuck around with me within my blog hiatus, but it was many more than I could ever imagine and I am forever utterly in love with your shining soul's.

Exciting News - Youtube

Hello cutie!
Ok, so I have some really cool news to tell you.
Like. Really cool.

Blog .vs. Life - Part 2

Hey cutie!

It's 11pm, and if you too are a blogger, you will also know that starting a post this late (especially a heart felt one) at night is risky business.

Quick Easy Salad - 4 Ingredients

Hey Cutie!

I thought it'd be really cool to share with you this salad I make for my lunch at the moment.
It's honestly so simple and takes less than a minute, I thought that it'd be so helpful, especially for some salad-spiration! Ok, I admit that was a bad pun, but I'm guna keep it in there.

Christmas Day Morning 2015

Hey cutie!

We did it! We survived Christmas, now we just gotta get through New Years; we can do this!
I hope you had a fabulous one, I sure did.
I wanted to share with you some pictures from my Christmas Day morning, it was pretty amazing and full to the brim with love and happiness.

It's Christmas! Ice Skating & Grottos

Hello cutie,
I feel like I haven't really been keeping you updated with my Christmas shenanigans.
Which sucks, a lot.
I've been mighty quiet on Instagram, which is very unlike me (my phones being annoying sad face), so I thought I'd whip up a post to show you the Christmas-y things I've been up to these last few days!

My Christmas List 2015

Hey cutie!
I hope you're well, I miss my chats with you.
I recently had my wisdom teeth under aesthetics out which has really affected my chronic conditions which SUCKS.

Poppy's Spotify Playlist

Hey Cutie!

I've had a bit of an uneventful duvet day as I'm still recovering from my operation last Tuesday.
How have you spent your week?
Due to my free time, I've made an incredibly chill playlist today that I REALLY want to share with you, can I get a hell yeah?
I find a lot of chill playlists bring me down, so I've still left it up beat.